I wonder

I wonder if my color is still an issue,
As it is for me,
I am shamful even to admit it,
The way I think,
Is stained by their ugly thoughts,
Is it still a big issue?
Or just pretending it is not,
I still see it in their eyes,
What they can’t say,
Or is it just my mind,
Hypnotised by their thoughts,
I wonder if my hair is still an issue.
She told me “You will look like miss world if you straighten your hair”,
Is it too hard to digest the fact of different tastes,
I will not speak about how chocolate is rich in color,
A cliché it became,
I am simply me,
No colors in this palette,
Just a human,

Written by Lubaba Faisal Ali
Featured image by American artist Margaret Bowland


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