A letter to…..

This is my farewell letter,
To you friend, who I never knew,
The friend who were there,
Burning all the butterflies in my tummy,
The friend who pitched and kicked my tiny likes into love,
My sweet full love into attachment,
A devotion, a worship.

Love addiction, my dear friend,
This is who you are,
I still call you a friend as that what I thought you are.

This is a farewell on bad terms,
No tears or promises to call you back,
This damage has gone deep enough,
These thoughts looping around my brain,
Has decomposed within my soul.

Have you ever heard of love bursting your heart,
Shattering your ribs,
This is you my dear.

When he was watering our tree,
I was flooding our grounds,
When he let sun bring warmth,
I let it bring dryness,
Too much to offer when the bowl is still small to bear,
Still growing.

I broke every vase I touched,
Held the pieces,
Let them melt through my veins,
Turn me into a lifeless body.

I questioned myself a lot,
If love and heartbreaks can kill a human,
Bring death to humanity,
I will pray for it to die.

Dear love addiction,
This is a farewell on bad terms,
I am claiming myself back to me,
I am claiming my tiny love butterflies,
My teary breakups,
I take them all,
But you I shall never take back.

This is an apology letter to him
“May you realize how ill I was”

Written by Lubaba Faisal
Featured image by George William Russell



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