My Sincere Prayers

My everyday prayers are composed of two,
You and me,
And end up with one
I pray for you every time I see your face in my heart,
These are Countless prayers,
When I open my eyes,
Till the end of my day closing my eyes softly with your reflection in them,
When I am in a crowd, my heart has it’s silent moments just for you.

I pray for your heart to be covered by the warmth of God “Allah”,
Every atom in you to be embraced.

I pray for inner peace to perch in you,
Settle you down,
Light your soul with a candle that shall never burn.

I pray for happiness to melt within you,
Paint that smile,
I wish I can say how much I miss.

I pray for destiny to collect all the puzzle pieces of us,
Put them back together.

Shall my love cuddle you every night,
Shall my hope kiss your lips, free your worried mind.

I pray for “You” and “I” to dissolve into “We”.
And love may be our long lasting friend.

Sincere prayers are meant to be true.

Written by Lubaba Faisal Ali
Featured image: unable to recognize the painter.


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