My life jacket

I’ll be honest and confess from the beginning.
I know how to swim, still I need a life jacket.
I can’t float on my own.
When my legs are tired and fragile.
It keeps me stable.
Resting on my back.
I know it won’t fail me.
Though today it hit a strong rock.
Tearing apart, it is leaving me.
I hold so tight on it.
Swallowing all the darkness.
I can’t breathe anymore.
I am sinking.
Pulled to the bottom.
Can’t open my eyes.
I am still holding to my life jacket.
It doesn’t feel the same.
I am not floating anymore.
It’s dying in my hand.
I have to swim on my own.
I can almost hear the voices.
Loneliness, fear.
Sadness, regrets.
I told you I can swim but this water didn’t come in peace.
I still need my life jacket.

Written by Lubaba Faisal
Featured image by anonymous


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